Fruit Growing

On 32 hectares we grow 6 hectares of apples (Elstar) and 26 hectares of pears (Conference, Beurré Alexander Lucas, Doyenné de Comice and Gieser Wildeman). With its river clay, the Betuwe is known for its good soil properties for growing fruit. The availability of water from the Rijn river is a major plus for us

In the winter months the fruit trees are pruned, after which they are again full of beautiful fruit blossom in April. In the summer months we care, fertilize and protect (against pest insects and fungi) our upcoming harvest, after which they are harvested again in September. 

High-quality fruit and good fruit storage ensure that we can supply our fruit to consumers almost year-round.

Elstar Elshof klaar om te oogsten
Fruitbedrijf fruitteelt Mts C.W. van Ossenbruggen Ingen

Useful insects

Ladybug, predatory bug, earwig, lacewing, spider, these are all examples of beneficial insects that occur in our orchards and that eat the harmful insects.

Fruitbedrijf fruitteelt Mts C.W. van Ossenbruggen Ingen

Flower strips

With the construction of flower strips in the grass paths and insect houses in the trees, it is a good residence for the useful insects and they like to live in the orchard. If the beneficial insects are not eaten by all harmful insects, then we assist with our crop protection machinery to specifically tackle a pest.

Fruitbedrijf fruitteelt Mts C.W. van Ossenbruggen Ingen


Did you know that 80% of the spraying applications consists to feed the tree and make it stronger against harmful insects. After all, a fruit tree that is in balance, and that also applies to yourself, has more antibodies.


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